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October 16, 2018

Hair Loss 101 at the 2017 HAIR+ Summit: September 24-26

SOCAH Center

Dr. Nikki Hill will be attending and be speaking at the second annual Modern Salon Hair Plus Summit conference, this upcoming weekend, September 24th-25th at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast hotel. The agenda is full of industry-specific details from business to hair loss to camouflaging techniques, styling methods, natural solutions, as well as breakout sessions for beginner to advanced stylists and barbers. All content will come from salon and stylist perspectives. Some of the topics being addressed include:

  • Understanding your hair loss/hair enhancement client
  • The science of hair loss
  • Salon products, services, and solutions: Hair loss and extensions, hair systems
  • Hair loss prevention vs. hair loss treatment
  • Medical and surgical solutions
  • The consultation – working with your clients/identifying the problem
  • Supporting your clients who are going through chemotherapy
  • Special needs of African-American clients
  • Natural solutions
  • Hands-on breakout sessions/product demonstrations – focus on extensions and hair systems
  • Building a business – getting started
  • Growing your business – next steps
  • Developing business partnerships with hair restoration centers and medical professionals

Dr. Nikki Hill will speak on What every stylist and salon needs to know about hair loss. “I am so excited to be asked to present to this ambitious group of stylists, salon owners, and barbers who are interested in closing the gap between dermatology and cosmetology. My talk will speak on the knowledge necessary to assist everyone to identify hair loss in their clientele way earlier than the typical patient will seek medical advice from a dermatologist.I will also be revealing my product and online course geared towards stylists, barbers, trichologist, colorists, and other licensed beauty professionals ”

Come out to hear what every stylist and salon should know about hair loss.

Register here.

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