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October 16, 2018

HAIR + Summit: When to Refer Salon Clients to a Dermatologist or Trichologist

SOCAH Center

Dr. Hill was the opening presentation at the Modern Salon Hair Plus Summit this past weekend on the topic of “When to refer your salon clients to a Dermatologist or Trichologist.”

“It was amazing being around so many forward propelling and compassionate stylists, barbers, and salon owners,” says Dr. Hill “My talk covered the anatomy of the scalp and hair, we discussed nonscarring and scarring hair loss disorders, diagnostic methods, and the distinguished the signs deciphering when to refer to a Trichologist and when to refer to a Dermatologist.”

Dr. Hill’s talk captured the audience and from the back of the room you saw a sea of tablets, ipads, and phones in the air, capturing every word and every slide. Modern Salon Hair Plus Summit Personnel was compelled to write an article about her presentation, immediately after her presentation quoting Dr. Hill, “While we may not be curing a terminal disease, you should all feel fantastic that you’re helping your clients maintain their social and sexual communication skills,” Hill says. “But if you know someone who has begun to lose their hair, you’ve seen how they start to lose their identity and you understand how much of a downward spiral that individual can experience. We’re here today at the HAIR+ Summit because we’ve heard those stories, we’ve seen those tears and we want to find solutions for those clients and give them hope.”

During the Doctor panel and medical breakthroughs in Hair Loss, Dr. Hill discussed the emerging future of hair follicle cloning, low level light therapy and its effects on hair and skin, chemotherapy and hair loss, amongst other triggers and medical conditions that affect clients and can lead to hair loss.

Dr. Hill spoke with stylists and barbers about her addition to her product line, SOCAH Hair, and her online course, SOCAH Stylist at the conference. Stylists, barbers, and salon owners signed purchased and signed email notification lists for product knowledge and updated course information.

Read Modern Salon’s full article on Dr. Hill and her presentation.

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