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October 16, 2018

Physical Fitness Month: SWEAT in STYLE

SOCAH Center

Sweating in Style

The struggle is real trying to get fit without compromising expensive hairstyles or your edges!

Tight ponytails, braids, weaves, head bands, and sweat sessions make maintaining healthy hair and your hairstyle a challenge. To keep hairstyles fresh and the scalp happy, you want to avoid tight do’s, prolonged sweating, and scalp build-up, but do not avoid working out because of it! Use these methods to get around our favorite excuse to skip the gym.


  1. Find No-Heat Styles for easy maintenance.

  1. Avoid Tight Ponytails which can break the hair and edges and leave unwanted imprints from hair bands.

  1. Workout with Hair Wrapped or in a gentle ponytail with edges under a satin scarf to keep them flat.

  1. Absorb Sweat and Oil with Dry Shampoo post workout and between washes to eliminate weighed-down hair from scalp oils.

  1. Blow Dry Hair on Cool if extensions, tracks, or braids get sweaty. Take the moisture out of your hair to avoid buildup, odor, and fungi.

  1. Detox the scalp with SOCAH Formula 1&2 scalp treatment to remove overgrowth from scalp produced by excessive sweating and oil build-up. SOCAH Formula doesn’t require a complete wash but a rinse. 

  2. Add Moisture Back to hair as sweat is not moisturising. Sweat is salty, which can leave your hair dried-out. Spray hair with a water-based moisturizer and finish with a sealant.

  3. Wash Your Hair Regularly cleansing hair or braids when possible if your head gets sweaty or has build up. Wash gently, rinse, then blow dry.

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