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Founder of Socah

About Dr. Hill

Dr. Nikki Hill, Founder of Skin of Culture and Hair (SOCAH) Center is an Atlanta native, who is a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of medical hair loss disorders. Dr. Hill has extensive training and expertise in traditional dermatology and is very sensitive to those who wish to follow a more holistic path to healing.

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Client Reviews

Requesting an appointment online was easy. The scheduling staff was thorough with verifying my insurance and out-of-pocket costs. I knew what to expect at check in. Completing the paperwork online was a breeze. I love their text communication because they reply quickly. The front desk staff were warm and friendly. Cait was awesome at gathering information and communicating the next steps. Roxanne (PA) was sincere and knowledgeable. Her demeanor was professional and welcoming. She explained my procedure with confidence. I’m happy I chose SOCAH for my dermatological care.

Kimberly V.
I had a great experience at SOCAH. They always are timely. The staff is great and Dr. Hill is awesome as well. I have been suffering from hair thinning and I’m excited to start on a regime to get my hair back to normal. Dr. Hill thoroughly explained my diagnosis and I really appreciate that. They’ve added a salon which I’m excited to try. I definitely recommend SOCAH!

Derek H.
I left Dr. Hill’s office today and shed some happy tears to finally have positive results from my treatment of Lichen Planoparis which is a rare type of hair loss. It is hard being a women with hair loss and I was afraid I’d be in a wig for my Daughters wedding this spring. With the treatment from The SOCAH center I’ve seen my hair begin to come back. Thank you so much!

Shan M.
This was my first visit at SOCAHC and I absolutely loved it. Everyone from the front office staff to the scribe/MA were so kind and really tried to make you as comfortable as possible. My visit was with the new PA, Roxanne Edwards. She was fantastic! She really took the time to listen to my concerns, get to the root of my acne issues, and address all the questions I had. Super excited to begin the acne regimen she prescribed 🙂

Tiffany P.
I had a great experience with my first meeting with Dr. Hill. Given that i have a long history with skin problems, I was very impressed and pleased with the recommendations and approach to getting me better and helping meeting my health goals. As a woman of color with specific skin challenges due to my hue, i felt that Dr. Hill and her team “really understand my challenges” and offered the appropriate guidance accordingly

April B.


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Still thinking about getting a SOCAH Hair Consultation? 🤔 Take a look as our Medical Cosmetologist, Catrina performs a hair consultation with scope + analysis. We go over any pains you’re experiencing with your hair and or scalp health and provide recommendation on treatments 💗
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Are you ready for another sneak peek of our expansion! 🫣 We’re so excited to get in the new space we had to show our SOCAH Family the vision! Stay tuned 😎

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Para La Raza 🙏🏽💗 in case you didn’t know it’s Hispanic Heritage Month! We want to recognize our staff and SOCAH Members for their contributions to America 💗 Is there someone in your life you want to show thanks to? Tag them down in the comments and tell them how much you appreciate them 🤗 #socahcenter #hispanicheritagemonth #hispanicheritage #skinofcolordermatologist #skinofcolor ...

We ❤️ reading your reviews about your experiences here at the SOCAH Center! It truly makes our day to know that we can help our members feel and look good one treatment at a time 😌 Feel free to leave us a review on Google so we can show you off!

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Ever had a SOCAH hydraglo facial with laser genesis? Talk about the ultimate facial rejuvenation experience! Check out the benefits of our hydraglo facial package and share with a friend who could use some facial TLC 💗🤗

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We understand trying to grow your hair feels like an endless waiting game. If you think something’s not right and your hair growth has plateaued, there are certain tweaks you can make to your hair care regimen to boost hair growth. Here’s 5 Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster 🌱

✨ How often you shampoo your hair does impact your hair‘s health. You need to allow your natural oils to penetrate your hair in order to hydrate and repair it self.

✨ If you want hair that actually healthy, you need to get regular trims. Eliminating the breakage gives the appearance that is your hair growing faster.

✨ Adding a supplement to your morning routine could make all the difference. Look for a multivitamin that contains essential vitamins like biotin, vitamins c & b.

✨ Having long strong hair doesn’t just depend on which products you put in your hair. To promote hair growth, you need to feed the hair from the inside. Foods that make your hair grow quicker are those high in protein which is the building blocks of hair. Try increasing your protein intake with foods like fish beans, nuts, and whole grains or go for a protein shake.

✨ Going to bed without brushing your tresses may seem enticing but giving your hair a few quick strokes can be great for your hair & scalp’s overall health. This simple step each night also helps increase circulation which makes your scalp healthier and your hair will thank you!

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Happy Monday SOCAH Family 💗 Prepare for a week of aesthetic relaxation, hair loss treatments, and tips + tricks to get the skin and hair health you should have because YOU deserve it 🤗 #socahcenter #dermatologistrecommended #hairlosscommunity #skincaretipsforyou #hairrestorationspecialist #skinofcolor #aestheticianlife #scalphealth ...

We’re here to help you have the best hair of your life! Book your free hair consultation today so we can get started on this healthy hair journey of yours! 💗 Includes our hair scope + scalp analysis 🧐 so we can see what’s really going on up there!

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Which one of these isn’t good for your skin health? If your obvious choice was C, here’s why you shouldn’t pick at acne or scabs!

Even though picking at your acne gives a sense of momentary control, as you try to restore your skin to being pimple- and cyst-free, that’s just an illusion. When you pick at lesions, you actually make them look worse.

You might think that popping a pimple forces the contents outward, and it does. But the force of popping also pushes the lesion’s contents inward, toward the inner layers of your skin. An acne lesion is usually already filled with bacteria, which feasts on the oil and dead skin in the lesion.

When you pop or pick at the pimple, the bacteria is forced down into the follicle that created it. The follicle ruptures from the pressure, so the bacteria spills into your skin.

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Promoting your hair health is just as important to us as promoting your wig health 👩🏽‍🦱 Here in our Medical Salon, we offer a wide range of wig services starting at $45. From drop off & pick up to wig sterilization and install, you and your wig will be best friends ✨ Drop a comment if you’ve ever had wig problems!

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My skin is gleaming the way it shiinneee, I know you see it 😌✨ Our HydraGLO facials is the perfect necessity for your face! We Prep & Cleanse your pores to then Extract all the gunk out 🦠 After that we blast your skin with super hydrating vitamin c 🍊 to give it that glow you want ☺️

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Wave Goodbye to Bad Hair Days 💇🏽‍♀️ Happy Monday SOCAH Family 💗 Here’s a quick cheat sheet on how to get around a bad hair day!
- Tease your your roots & hair to add some volume!
- Try different protective styles like braids and wigs.
- Use a dry shampoo to save you time and absorb some of your hair oils
- Blow dry your hair to add shine and volume, but make sure it’s on the cool setting
- Use conditioner first! Known as Reverse Hairwashing, using conditioner first fights product buildup and creates a protective seal around your tresses!

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You’ve got it glowing on girl 💁🏽‍♀️ our hydro facials is one of the most powerful non invasive skin resurfacing treatments! Our treatment to extract, cleanse, & hydrate your skin takes up to 45 minutes. What better way to spend your lunch break!

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WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! You read that right – Food is fuel for our bodies. But it doesn’t just give us energy, it also impacts our mood, skin + hair health. Knowing this, how can you make better food choices? Share this with a friend & Leave us your thoughts in the comments! #Socahcenter #scalphealth #skinhealthtips #skincaretips #dermatologytips ...

Warning ⚠️ getting your monthly #hydrofacialtreatment will probably induce relaxation and sleep 😴 Our hydro facial is jam packed with vitamins and minerals your face will love 💗 What better way to spend your Tuesday than with a cat nap and for your face to be fully hydrated! #SOCAHCenter #hydrofacials #dermatologistapproved #skincareregime #skincaretips #hydratingfacial ...